[Rcpp-devel] redimension help

Silkworth,David J. SILKWODJ at airproducts.com
Wed Jun 8 05:18:14 CEST 2011

I have not been slack on reviewing the archives, but they ARE hard to

So far, I am led to believe that a list of vectors can only be accessed
during initialization.
This would seem to be a real problem for entering elements in looped
increments 10's of thousands of times.

The original matrix scheme DOES work, but I think I have to improve the
estimated size of rows, so that I don't create an excessive memory foot
print.  Once dimensioned a matrix apparently is not going to be resized.

I am aware that as long as my individual vectors and my matrix row
lengths are the same size that these will combine into an

Once in R I would have to either find a way to ignore the unfilled
elements or hopefully the following code would not be too oppressive:


I just thought it would be possible to do in C++

Try this:


src <- '
  int s = 7;  // result of original oversize estimate before process
  int c = 3;  //known column count established from a list argument
(variable to function)
  int r = 4;  // number of rows that more complex process found
necessary to fill
  int i = 0;
  Rcpp::List Lmv(c) ;  // list of matrix column vectors
  for(  i=0; i<c; i++)  {
     Rcpp::IntegerVector m(s) ;
     // insertion of next three lines partially fills the matrix column
     // the same way as previous sample code
     for( int j=0; j<r; j++){
       m(j)=  (i+1)*(j+1);
     Lmv[i] = m;
  // this code does not access the vector elements as I wish
  for(int j=0; j<c; j++)  {
     for( i=0; i<r; i++)  {
        Rcpp::IntegerVector v = Lmv(j);
        v(i) = (i+1)*(j+1);
  return Lmv;

fun <- cxxfunction(signature(), src, plugin = "Rcpp")

And please do search the list archives. I explained a few times already
using [][] cannot work.

Not all STL methods exist in all Rcpp classes.


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