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I usually use a list for this (see below). If anybody has a simpler way,
I would love to learn about it...



src.cube = '

Rcpp::List aL(aL_);

int nr = Rcpp::as<int>(nr_);

int nc = Rcpp::as<int>(nc_);

int ns = Rcpp::as<int>(ns_);


arma::cube a(nr,nc,ns);


for(int i=0; i<ns; i++) {

a.slice(i) = Rcpp::as<arma::mat>(aL(i));



return Rcpp::wrap(a);



fx = cxxfunction(signature(aL_="list", nr_="integer", nc_="integer",
ns_="integer"),body = src.cube, plugin="RcppArmadillo")


aR = array(1:27,c(3,3,3))

aL = NULL;

for(i in 1:3)   aL[[i]] = aR[,,i] 





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I would like to do something like this:

src.cube <- "
    arma::cube a = as<arma::cube>(aR);
    return wrap(a);
fx <- cxxfunction(signature(aR="array"), src.cube,
fx(array(1:27, c(3,3,3)))

But it fails. Can someone suggest a good alternative? I tried to create
the cube on the C++ side and use .fill() to fill it with a
NumericVector, but this did not work either.


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