[Rcpp-devel] Rcpp-introduction published as JSS 40(8); Rcpp 0.9.4 out too

Dirk Eddelbuettel edd at debian.org
Wed Apr 13 23:56:00 CEST 2011

The Journal of Statistical Software has just published what is also the
Rcpp-introduction.pdf vignette in the package.  

This coincides with the release of Rcpp 0.9.4 which arrived at CRAN yesterday
and which now contains the citation info:

R> citation("Rcpp")

To cite Rcpp in publications use:

  Dirk Eddelbuettel, Romain Francois (2011). Rcpp: Seamless R and C++
  Integration. Journal of Statistical Software, 40(8), 1-18. URL

A BibTeX entry for LaTeX users is

    title = {{Rcpp}: Seamless {R} and {C++} Integration},
    author = {Dirk Eddelbuettel and Romain Fran\c{c}ois},
    journal = {Journal of Statistical Software},
    year = {2011},
    volume = {40},
    number = {8},
    pages = {1--18},
    url = {http://www.jstatsoft.org/v40/i08/},


The NEWS file for Rcpp is below

0.9.4   2011-04-12

    o   New R function "loadRcppModules" to load Rcpp modules automatically
        from a package. This function must be called from the .onLoad function
        and works with the "RcppModules" field of the package's DESCRIPTION file

    o   The Modules example wrapped the STL std::vector received some editing
        to disambiguate some symbols the newer compilers did not like

    o   Coercing of vectors of factors is now done with an explicit callback
        to R's "as.character()" as Rf_coerceVector no longer plays along

    o   A CITATION file for the published JSS paper has been added, and 
        references were added to Rcpp-package.Rd and the different vignettes

Thanks,  Dirk

Dirk Eddelbuettel | edd at debian.org | http://dirk.eddelbuettel.com

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