[Rcpp-devel] GenericVector looks more like std::vector

Romain Francois romain at r-enthusiasts.com
Wed Feb 10 13:10:42 CET 2010


I've added the following methods to SEXP_Vector (which is the template 
that generates GenericVector (aka List) and ExpressionVector so that 
they look more like std::vector  :


Methods that add new things use the implicit wrap idiom : they take a 
templated parameter as input, wrap it up into a SEXP using wrap. They 
also take care of names using the Named class as in e.g Language.

erase has a single element form to remove a single element and a range 
based form erase( iterator first, iterator last ) to remove all elements 
from first to last.

All these functions actually copy the internal SEXP, as R offers no way 
to do otherwise.

As usual, examples included in the unit tests. Here is one:

funx <- cfunction( signature(x = "list"),
	List list(x) ;
	list.push_back( 10 ) ;
	list.push_back( Named( "foo", "bar" ) ) ;
	return list ;
	', Rcpp = TRUE, includes = "using namespace Rcpp;" )
	d <- list( x = 1:10, y = letters[1:10] )
	res <- funx( d )
	checkEquals( res,
		list( x = 1:10, y = letters[1:10], 10L, foo = "bar" ),
		msg = "List.push_back" )


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