[Rcpp-devel] about the RcppSexp (Rcpp::RObject) constructors

Romain François francoisromain at free.fr
Thu Dec 31 16:52:32 CET 2009


Now that I am on the road for class inheritance and all that, I am not 
sure anymore that the myriad of constructors for Rcpp::RObject are a 
good idea, i.e since we have for example :

Rcpp::RObject( double& d ) ;

it is then valid (as far as my -- still learning -- understanding of C++ 
goes) to do this :

Rcpp::Environment( 1.3 )

which of course is a nuisance.

I was thinking of replacing the constructors with a set of functions 
(and C++ polymorphism makes it easy I think), so we would have a 
function (let's decide about its name first) for example wrap and many 
overloaded with different parameters.

Rcpp::wrap( const double& d)
Rcpp::wrap( const std::vector<int>& d)

then the wrap can dispatch to the appropriate class.


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