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Wed Aug 8 03:04:11 CEST 2018

Author: ruckdeschel
Date: 2018-08-08 03:04:10 +0200 (Wed, 08 Aug 2018)
New Revision: 1261

[distrDoc] branch 2.8: + mention the more refined version of liesInSupport in the vignette 

Modified: branches/distr-2.8/pkg/distrDoc/inst/NEWS
--- branches/distr-2.8/pkg/distrDoc/inst/NEWS	2018-08-08 00:55:06 UTC (rev 1260)
+++ branches/distr-2.8/pkg/distrDoc/inst/NEWS	2018-08-08 01:04:10 UTC (rev 1261)
@@ -13,6 +13,7 @@
 user-visible CHANGES:
 + DESCRIPTION tag SVNRevision changed to VCS/SVNRevision
++ mention the more refined version of liesInSupport in the vignette 
 v 2.7

Modified: branches/distr-2.8/pkg/distrDoc/vignettes/distr.Rnw
--- branches/distr-2.8/pkg/distrDoc/vignettes/distr.Rnw	2018-08-08 00:55:06 UTC (rev 1260)
+++ branches/distr-2.8/pkg/distrDoc/vignettes/distr.Rnw	2018-08-08 01:04:10 UTC (rev 1261)
@@ -465,7 +465,10 @@
 Class \code{DiscreteDistribution} has a slot \code{support}, a vector containing 
 the support of the distribution, which is truncated to the lower/upper 
 \code{TruncQuantile} in case of an infinite support. \code{TruncQuantile} is a 
-global option of  \pkg{distr} described in section~{\ref{options}}. 
+global option of  \pkg{distr} described in section~{\ref{options}}. For version
+2.8.0 on, it has an additional internal slot \code{.finSupport} which is a
+logical of length 2. The first entry says if the left endpoint of the distribution
+is finite, the second if the right endpoint is finite.
 Also from version 1.9 on, class \code{DiscreteDistribution} has a subclass 
@@ -1674,7 +1677,10 @@
 For all discrete distribution classes, we have methods \code{liesInSupport} to 
 check whether a given vector/ a matrix of points lies in the support of the 
+distribution. From version 2.8.0 on, we have better control on situations
+where the true support of the distribution is large/infinite to one or both
+sides---before it used \code{support}, which in this case is truncated to
+the relevant support points.
 \subsection[Simulation (in package distrSim)]%
 {Simulation (in package \pkg{distrSim})}

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