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Carlo Pecoraro carlo.pecoraro2 at unibo.it
Thu Oct 29 16:27:36 CET 2015

Hi Roman,

many thanks for your replay and help.

I did a PCA with the following scripts:

x.cows <- tab(x, freq=TRUE, NA.method="mean")
pca.cows <- dudi.pca(x.cows, center=TRUE, scale=FALSE)
s.class(pca.cows$li, fac=pop(x), col=funky(6), cell=2,  cstar=1, cpoint=3)

Then I have tried to label those individuals. which were considerably departing from the centroid of the distribution of each group, using the function:

orditorp(x = pca.cows, display = "sites", air = 2)

After having labeling those individuals, I removed them from the dataset. But after had tried to do the PCA again in order to see if those individuals have been successfully removed, I've realized that the function ( at least as I am using it) did not work at all.

Thanks a lot for your help once again.

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This is what I had in mind (see github gist for image).


N <- 1000
xy <- data.frame(x = rnorm(N), y = rnorm(N), z = rnorm(N))

pca <- prcomp(xy)
plot(pca$x, type = "n")
orditorp(x = pca, display = "sites", air = 2)


In god we trust, all others bring data.

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In god we trust, all others bring data.

I think this would be doable. I think Jari Oksanen made a package/function that handles point labels really well. I'm on my way out, but if others develop, I'll look into this, hopefully later today.


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Sorry I wanted to say individuals instead of loci..sorry for the confusion
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Hi Thibaut and all,

I was trying to visualize what kind of genetic structure I can obtain with my data using the DAPC analysis. I have already filtered the dataset (i.e. missing data, MAF etc) but I have realized there are some loci with a strange deviation from the others that could affect the results of the DAPC. These strange distribution of those loci is clearer underlined doing a PCA. Is there a way to know the name of these loci in order to investigate deeply about them or in case to filter them out?

Many thanks in advance.


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