[adegenet-forum] Error in constructing dist.genpop object

Karl Fetter kfetter at uvm.edu
Tue Oct 27 15:50:20 CET 2015

Hi Adegenet users

I have a question regarding an error in adegent I want to run by you all. I'm trying to calculate isolation by distance using about 1600 SNP loci.

Here's the error:

> Dgen_rw <- dist.genpop(gp_rw, method = 2)
Error in out[, colnames(x at tab), drop = FALSE] : subscript out of bounds

To get to this point, I:
read in SNP loci as a .geno object
Convert .geno -> genind
Read in population names
Convert genind -> genpop and provide popnames
run the dis.genpop() function.

Any ideas why the subscript is being returned as out of bounds?

Thanks in advance for your help,

Karl Fetter

Graduate Student
Keller Lab
Department of Plant Biology
University of Vermont
kfetter at uvm.edu

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