[adegenet-forum] seploc resets ploidy information to diploid

Jombart, Thibaut t.jombart at imperial.ac.uk
Fri Jun 28 12:26:34 CEST 2013

Dear Zhian, 

many thanks for spotting this! I'll make the change straight away, and the next release of adegenet will incorporate it. Meanwhile, the fixed devel version will be available from sourceforge:



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I was working on some analyses dealing with polyploids, and I noticed that seploc resets the ploidy information of each locus to diploid, regardless of initial ploidy. For a simplified example, here's your example from the adegenet-basics.pdf:

> temp <- lapply(1:30, function(i) sample(1:9, 4, replace=TRUE))
> temp <- sapply(temp, paste, collapse="")
> temp <- matrix(temp, nrow=10, dimnames=list(paste("ind",1:10), paste("loc",1:3)))
> obj <- df2genind(temp, ploidy=4, sep="")
> objloc <- seploc(obj)
> sapply(objloc, ploidy)
loc 1 loc 2 loc 3
    2     2     2
> ploidy(obj)
[1] 4

I went into the adegent source code and found where the trouble was. It's on line 99 of "handling.R":

kX <- lapply(kX, genind, pop=x at pop, prevcall=prevcall)
To preserve ploidy, I think this line should be:

kX <- lapply(kX, genind, pop=x at pop, prevcall=prevcall, ploidy = x at ploidy)

Can this be implemented in the next version of adegenet?

Zhian N. Kamvar

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