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Nothing new since this last reply, but inbreeding is pretty standard. 'inbreeding' derives the likelihood function of inbreeding F, defined as the probability of inheriting two alleles from a common ancestor. The only hypothesis is that alleles are associated at random to form gametes, hence the (1-F)(1-sum p_i^2).



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My first post. :) I'm trying to figure out which method is used for inbreeding estimation in adegenet (the paper it was described in) - I'd like to see what it does and if its properties have been explored. Thibaut's reply was "I have not made detailed studies of the inbreeding estimation. At the time I developed it, my colleague convinced me likelihood-based estimation of inbreeding was pretty standard. I would need to look around and see where this has been published." and suggested to post to this forum as it may be of wider interest. Can someone help with that?

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