[adegenet-forum] manual formatting problem?

Jombart, Thibaut t.jombart at imperial.ac.uk
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Dear Russell,

formatting issues sometimes happen when creating a pdf manual from the manpages of a package. It is quite difficult to have control over this. Please use the doc from the package or the html pages when the pdf has a problem.
e.g.: ?read.structure



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In the manual, important commands extend beyond the margin and on beyond the page such that they're cut off on the right hand side.  For example, page 77 under read.structure, the command is cut off after "col."  See below--I copied and pasted from the manual.


read.structure(file, n.ind=NULL, n.loc=NULL, onerowperind=NULL, col.lab=NULL, col.


I found in the forum what appears to be and example of the complete command.  However, there are several other commands in the manual that are cut off.  Is this a problem on my end, or does everyone see these commands cut off?

 read.structure("C:/Girma/test.str", row.marknames=1, onerowperind=FALSE, n.ind=6, n.loc=13, col.lab=1, col.pop=2, ask=TRUE)

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